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Unfinished Plank Flooring



Bradley Additions is our diverse plank line manufactured in a variety of widths and species. Our 3/4" thick unfinished flooring showcases the craftsmanship of wider products with longer average lengths. The product is precision milled and ready for the most custom install, sand, and finish job imaginable. Custom orders are available for jobs which may include specifications of 2' to 10' or random widths. All of our products can be hand scraped at our facility. If you are looking for a wider custom floor that can be finished to your exact specifications, choose our one of a kind quality plank floors, Bradley Additions.



Red Oak and White Oak are available in standard NOFMA grades:

  • Clear

  • Select & Btr

  • No 1 Common

  • No 2 Common


  • Rift & Quartered **

**also available, allow for more time, specialty item


Appearance alone will determine the grade of flooring since the strength of hardwood is achieved through interlocking tongues and grooves and is uniformly strong regardless of grade. Boards are individually graded according to the natural characteristics of their appearance. Grades are determined by clarity, grain appearance, knots, dark stains, character marks and other features that might have been present in the tree. All Maxwell Hardwood Flooring is produced and graded according to the Certified Grade Standards of NOFMA (The Wood Flooring Manufacturer's Association).



Bradley Additions is Maxwell Hardwood's unfinished plank flooring line. Our plank line has longer average lengths and can be special ordered in lengths up to 12 feet and widths up to 9 inches. 


  • 4" Plank ​

  • 5" Plank​

  • 6" Plank​

  • 7" Plank​

  • 8" Plank​


  • Edge/End   Square/Square

  • Unfinished

  • Installation:  Staple/NailDown/Floating

  • Wear Layer:  3/4" Solid

  • Species used for for Bradley Additions Plank Series are also available in specialty widths 3" and 3 -1/4".


  • Red Oak

  • White Oak

  • Walnut

  • Hickory

  • American Cherry


Plank Installation Instructions

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